Anxious to make a difference in his community and light a flame in artistic youth, Appassionata has established an ambitious youth program [Music, Maestro! ]

Since 2010, more than 6500 primary school students lived an exceptional human and musical experience through interactive workshops led by a musician and an actor and presentation of shows such as the Carnival of the Animals or la grande aventure de Zita and Peter and the wolf, accompanied by the Oscar-winning film and the orchestra!

“Some nice flute notes resound in the room filled with grades 3 and 4 classes of the Little Burgundy School, in the South West Montreal. Immediately, the ruckus leaves room for a wonderment silence which filters the felted high notes of the the silver instrument. “*

“Students rarely have contact with a musician. It is irreplaceable (…) They see that there is a human being who can play an instrument and realize they could do the same. “*

* Article by Lisa-Marie Gervais
Le Devoir (27 December 2021)